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Date Coffee

The product that we offer

Bedouins used to put date kernels in fire in order to get a black materiel which they used to mix it with water and drink it. They used to believe that this mixture strengthen them to keep going on in cold nights of dessert in winter.

Date coffee is produced from date kernels. If the coffee is produced in a suitable method, its antioxidants will increase in quantity of 30 percent. And date coffee is the only drink which contains Selenium.



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Nutrition and Food

What we have done?!

We have produced a high-quality Date Chocolate that its tiny mesh helps digestive system to digest it easily and completely absorb its minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, as a result, it provides satisfaction of consumer.

Coffein 0%
Protein 6%
carbohydric 16%
Ash 1.3%
Fiber 64%

Why is Date Chocolate going to be . . .

the best brand of food industry and favorite brand of nations of the world?


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